Weekend Boca Raton Flight

I had long planned my first IFR flight with my family after receiving my instrument license from CAMS two months ago! I was always hesitant on flying somewhere and having a low cloud ceiling so I persuaded myself to get … Continue reading

East Coast Trip

Together with 3 friends, I planned to do this trip with a C-182, and I was very happy to find the N2019A from CAMS flight. A perfect, very nice plane, equipped IFR, with a G1000 and strong enough to carry … Continue reading

Discovery Flights

Pilot training
Thinking about learning to fly, but want to know more? Schedule a Discovery Flight for only $95! Your instructor will brief you about our Cessna Pilot Center training program. You’ll take the controls yourself for a fun flight of Discovery! … Continue reading

VFR to Key West

After earning my private pilot license, I was excited for all of the fun fly-in opportunities that lay ahead of me. Being a professional musician, I envisioned being able to fly myself to gigs, à la Jimmy Buffett. I had … Continue reading